Privacy policy

Privacy policy in accordance with GDPR

What is the scope of this Privacy policy?

This Privacy policy is in accordance with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of EU and
explains how BG PROPERTIES processes your personal data. This Privacy policy may contain personal data for other people when you share this information with us. The policy contains detailed information how we collect your personal data, why we collect it and with who we can share this information. This Privacy policy also shows your rights for your personal data. This means all your personal data saved electronically and on papers.
What type of personal data we can collect for you?
BG PROPERTIES collects and processes your personal data which is provided directly from you, from publically available resources or third parties with whom we have contracts (for example – companies who make marketing researches, companies who provide accounting services etc.) The personal data includes all the information which can identify you and could be used for your identification. The type of personal data which we collect depends on your relationship with BG PROPERTIES and the applicable legislation. The personal data which we are processing includes the data provided directly from you as a part of our relationship or other interactions which you may have with us.  

The information which we are processing for you, depends on the purposes, may include the following personal data:
-    Full name;
-    Date of birth;
-    Gender;
-    Nationality;
-    Personal identity number;
-    Passport data / number of the document, date of issue, expiry date, the authority which issued the document/;
-    personal information for contact with you (address, telephone number, e-mail address)
-    personal identity number / if necessary/
-    demographic data / if necessary/
-    health and other sensitive personal data / if necessary/
-    data collected from cookies / if necessary/
-    data collected from websites which are used / mobile devices and analyses / if necessary/
-    programs and activities in which you are participant / if necessary/
-    opinions for us or our products and services / if necessary/
-    communication and other personal preferences / if necessary/
-    product information requests / if necessary/
-    payment information; and/or financial information (bank accounts, codes, credit card numbers) / if necessary/

How we will use your personal data?
The processing of your personal data includes operations with which we could record, organize, structure, store, adapt or change, extract, consult, use, reveal your personal data during transmission, spreading or other way which makes your data accessible, arranging or combining, limiting, deleting or destroying.

We can process your personal data for the following purposes:

-    in order to fulfill the company’s legal obligations under the Bulgarian and/or European legislation;
-    announcing information for products and services safety;
-    responding of your information inquires about products and services;
-    corporate accordance and security of facilities and networks;
-    authorizing, providing, administering, monitoring and terminating the access to or use of websites, systems, facilities, records owned or are infrastructure that belongs to BG PROPERTIES.
-    Internal investigations of possible violations of our politics and procedures.
-    auditing of our programs and services for the purpose to reach conformity;
-    court proceedings and government investigations (as orders, subpoenas, court orders);
-    determining of your allowance for certain products, services or programs;
-    when we are legally obliged to process personal data;
-    communication related with marketing researches and products development;
-    communication related with products information;
-    business and marketing researches;
-    product orders;
-    improvement and development of our products and services;
-    statistical analysis;
-    payments processing and/or web site administrating;

For all other purposes which require your notification and agreement, including purposes required by the local legislation, we will receive your agreement before the personal data processing.

On what legal basis we will process your personal data?

The legal basis that applies for personal data processing for all purposes specified above includes the following:

-    Based on your consent: In some cases, we may require your consent for collecting and processing your personal data and your sensitive personal data. If you decide to give us your permission, you have the right later on to withdrawn (or refuse) it by using our contact details below in the section “How to contact with us?” Please note that the consent refusal will not affect the personal data processing which already have been made. When we processing your personal data based on you consent we will provide detailed information when we receive your agreement.
-    Based on the applicable legislation or contract implementation: In certain circumstances it may be necessary for us to process your personal data in accordance to keep legal orders/regulations or contract obligations in which you are party. When we are processing your personal data in order to keep legal obligations, probably your objection on data processing will not be permitted. You will have the right of information access, except if this impedes implementation of our legal obligations. When we are processing personal data in order to fulfil contract obligations to which you are party, probably your objection on data processing will not be permitted. If you choose to refuse or object the data processing, this may affect our ability to fulfil contract obligation which is yours.  
-    Our legal rights: We can process your personal data in accordance with our legal rights for communication and interaction with you in connection with our products and services, scientific researches and education possibilities. In addition to the rights which you may list below you have the right to object this processing of your personal data. You have the right to object such a processing of your personal data by contacting us and using our contact details below in “How to contact with us” section.

To whom and when we will disclose and share your personal data?
We will share and disclose your personal data with the following subjects:

-    State authorities, institutions and persons to whom we are obliged to provide personal information by the law;
-    Third parties with which we have service implementation agreement to carry out activities and functions on our behalf, in accordance to the personal data processing purposes listed above. In this case we will require from these third parties, which are acting from our behalf, to keep the confidentiality and to protect the safety of your personal data which we are sharing with them. These third parties must agree in the contract that they are not going to use or disclose your personal data for any other purposes different from the necessary to provide the services or the services completion on our behalf or for implementation to the applicable laws and regulations.
-    Potential or actual purchasers - third parties. If we decide to restructure or sell our business through sell, merger or acquisition we can share your personal data with potential or actual buyers. We will require from the buyers to treat your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

How we protect your personal data?

We use standard administrative, technical and physical measures to protect your personal data against loss, theft, misuse, unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure and destruction. We restrict the access to your personal data only to those employees or third parties which act on our behalf and who have a legitimate business need for such an access. We will give information for your personal data to third parties which act on our behalf and from whom we have a written assurance that your personal data are protected in accordance to this Privacy policy and our privacy policies and procedures.

How long we will keep your personal data?

We will keep your personal data as long as we have a relationship with you. We will store and keep the personal data which we collect for you in accordance with our Company policy for records storage, then they will be archived or deleted. Please note that certain information could be saved for a longer period of time if we still have continuing obligations to you or if the local legislation requires this.

What are your rights?

You have the right to see or receive a copy of the personal data which we have for you, including an electronic copy. Also you may request corrections of your personal data if the data which we have is incomplete or inaccurate. You can request your personal data to be deleted when they are not necessary anymore for the purposes for which you provided it to us. You may restrict your personal data processing only for certain purposes for which deletion is not possible or you may object the personal data processing by us. In certain circumstances you may request a copy of your personal data to be send by us to a third parties chosen from you. If you want to benefit from these rights, please contact with us by using the Company contact details. If you think that your personal rights have been violated, you have to right to make a complaint to the Company.

What would happen if we review this Privacy policy?

We can make periodical changes to this Privacy policy just to observe the changes in our legal obligations in personal data processing. We will inform you for any significant revisions of this Privacy policy and it will come into force when you have been notified.

How you can contact with us if you have any questions or apprehensions?

You can contact with us by using the contact details provided below:
-    to ask questions;
-    to share your apprehensions or to make a complaint;
-    to cancel your participation in the program or service;
-    to use some of your rights stated above including access, correction, portability, objections, restriction, and deletion.

Contact person
Correspondence address: Apartments complex “The Stream Resort”, Pamporovo, Bulgaria

What are your complaint options?
For more information about your rights for personal data safety and protection or if you can’t solve a problem with us you can contact with The Commission for Personal Data Protection.