Girls GO bike 2017

For a fourth consecutive year a female bike camp will be held in Pamporovo. This year the representatives of the fair sex will be able to show their skills on bike tracks in Pamporovo and Mechi-chal. 


The event will be on 29 – 30 of July. It invites all female representatives who want to increase their adrenaline, make a mountain bike with friends and show off their skills on two wheels. 
Pamporovo bicycle park offers excellent conditions. Participants will be divided into several groups according to their potentialities. In this way, participants will be able to enjoy of their experience and will do their best.


The teams of Velopark Pamporovo and Ryders United will take care for the good attendance of all participants and audience. 

Let's go girls get your equipment, bikes and good spirit and welcome to Pamporovo, to have fun together!

We are waiting for you!


Here is the program of the event.


Saturday 29.07.17


11:30 – Meet at Studenetz
12:00 – Take of the bikes and equipment
12:30 – Warm up
13:00 – Start of the training camp on the routes in the park



Sunday 30.07.17


9:00 – Take of the bikes and equipment 
9:30 - Departure to Chepelare with organized transport 
10:00 - Pump Track and Training 
12:00 - Lunch
12:30 - Departure to Mechi – chal bike center with organized transport
13:00 – Riding in the park
15:00 – Go back to Pamporovo on panoram route Mechi – chal - Pamporovo