"Feast of Honey" in the village of Malevo 2018

Village of Malevo is located in the Rhodope Mountains. It is situated in the center of the Javorin valley in the Middle Rhodopes, also called the Pink. Malevo is located near the villages of Hvoyna and Orehovo, 25 km from Bachkovo Monastery and 35 km north of Pamporovo.

In the area around the village are the following natural landmarks:

• Wonderful bridges - shaped by a river that gradually carved the walls and part of the ceiling of a deep cave. After the retreat there are two marble arches, or so-called bridges;

• Chelevestka cave, the entrance of which during the Ottoman domination is clogged and burned and so the majority of the population of the village of Orehovo dies.

• Kojil Gorge / Bones - Long Marble Gorge with Karst Forms and Meadows

• The Persian Ridge - a chain of massive sharp peaks, which starts at Gurumevitsa peak and ends at Golyam Persenk peak; this is the region with the greatest biodiversity in the Rhodopes

The village is known for its unique honey holiday. It is celebrated on August 15.