About resort Pamporovo

Pamporovo resort is situated in the in the most picturesque mountain in Bulgaria – the Rodophes, right at the foot of Snejanka peak and at 1650m. above the sea level. With its beautiful nature, mild climate, crystal fresh air, plenty of sunny days and variety of opportunities for a pleasant holiday Pamporovo resort is a favorite destination for tourists all year around.


Apartment hotel “The Stream Resort” is located in the beautiful Dunevsky meadows, which are part of Malina area, Pamporovo. Its location gives the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent view to the ski slopes, pine forest and Snejanka peak with the emblematic tower. The little stream which flows nearby and always impresses our guests gave the name of our hotel – The Stream Resort. But more interesting and curious is the story which gave the name of the whole ski resort – Pamporovo.  The old Rhodopeans tell us that the name of the resort comes from the landowner’s nickname. Mr. Raycho Belev (Pampora) was the owner of meadows and the coniferous forests under Snejanka peak. He was a stock breeder and a trader too. He travelled with his mules far to Aegean cities, Greece to buy goods and then supply them back into the local villages and town of Plovdiv. He was so quick with deliveries that the Turks were telling him “Raycho Efendi, you are quick as a pampor” – which means like a train. So “pampora” was added to his name (Raycho Pampora) and then the land where the resort was built becomes known as Pamporovo.


In our days the resort is proud with it’s over 80 year history. Pamporovo has begun its existence through the 30s in XIX century when an ambitious man called Nikola Chichovsky from town of Chepelare has built a boarding house for tourists.  In early years the resort was preferred for summer holidays.  Gradually the tourist interest begins to grow. Pamporovo resort becomes recognizable and famous during the socialist political rule in Bulgaria. In 1967 was created the so called “Balkantourist”- a grand national tourist establishment ruled by the government. The government investments in the resort were enormous –hotels were built, ski slopes, lifts etc. Since the beginning of 80’s in XIX century till now the resort develops constantly. After the democratic changes in Bulgaria many modern accommodation places for recreation were built, like “The Stream Resort”. They offer variety of opportunities which could meet the growing needs of the modern tourists.


The ski slopes infrastructure has been improved significantly during the last few years. Pamporovo has been a host of many National and European ski competitions. In 2019 the resort will host the prestigious world INTERSKI congress.  Pamporovo won the prestigious hosting in a severe competition with other famous ski resorts.


In winter season 2016/2017 Ski area “Pamporovo” was connected with Ski area “Mechi chal”, town of Chepelare. The connection between the two ski areas is currently done through shuttle busses. The two ski areas are to be connected via lift facilities in the next few years, which will turn Pamporovo resort into the biggest on the Balkans.


Today Pamporovo is a modern mountain resort which offers excellent opportunities for winter sports, summer activities and recreation. We welcome you all year round!